There have been many oscillating ideas about the elections. The nation was swept either by a terrible loss or fantastic win with Donald Trump as the president-elect. In Massachusetts, many were devastated, while a small group gleamed. Recently there have been anti-Trump rallies and protests throughout Boston since election day. The general shock as seen on social media about Trump’s win also echoed throughout Malden High School November 9th.

The fight for the votes between Trump and Clinton were neck and neck. Tensions were high. Many people on social media were posting and blogging about who they believed would make a better president. Countless people preached that everyone should vote. 

America reacted using Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media. The 2016 elections were the first of its kind, being able to have many media platforms to reach new levels of campaigning. Candidates utilized social media, leading to many intense conversations. Much of the rising conflict comes from those who deeply wished against Trump’s presidency. There is a current hashtag going around stating, ”#notmypresident.” Some are posting that they’re moving to Canada, while others are saying that people who say that they are moving to Canada need to toughen up.

It’s clear to see that the elections has affected everyone. Though people are protesting partly because of what Trump’s win says about America. Joyce Ramos, a resident of Massachusetts stated that even though she supports Trump, “[Trump] says things that are true, [but] in [the] wrong way.. You can see that he’s racist… [yet] people [voted for it]..” This election exposed America, bringing out the best and worst in people. Freshman Eva Federico voices that “his win is showing that [America is] hitting a low [point]”. America is a democracy where people vote for whoever they have closely related opinions with. Meaning if more people voted for Trump, there are more people who are racist, or bigoted like Trump. Ramos continues by saying, ”with him winning, the country [has] divided.”

Massachusetts is known as being a very liberal and democratic state, with 60.8% of Massachusetts voting for the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, and all 11 electors from the state voting Hillary as well. More people have felt the loss collectively, causing many of the riots and protests. Senior Maya Hayes states that things have changed in Malden. “[Her] little sister, who’s eleven, was telling [Hayes] about how one of the people at school was telling a kid to ‘go back to your country,’” which is a discriminatory comment, especially considering Malden is home to thousands of immigrants.  

During the mock election held Friday, November, 4th it was seen that Malden High hoped for another Clinton win. Though after the elections, the atmosphere seemed tense, “you can feel the disappointment. You can see people were sad and they were scared. People were crying because they were genuinely afraid.” says Hayes. Classes were put on hold to talk about the election. Federico explains that “teachers were trying to figure out how to explain what happened to the students, and the students seemed really shocked. [She] thinks that [everyone was] trying to deal with this new change that some might’ve welcomed and some might not have… Maybe if Gary Johnson or Jill Stein won, nobody would bat an eye. [Federico] didn’t have homework for three of [her] classes on that first day” due to the results.

Massachusetts is only one of the many democratic/liberal safe states that were thrown off by Trump’s presidency. Whether this election was a fantastic day or a miserable day. No one was left the same. Things in America from here on out will be changed as we say our farewells to the Obamas and welcome our new president with an open mind. To those who worry about the nation’s future, remember that anything can happen in the land of the free.

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