• Girls Basketball Profile: Xue Zhou

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    As the season starts to come to an end, Junior Xue Zhou is enjoying her second year on the varsity team.

    Zhou has been playing basketball ever since sixth grade and now she is playing as a point guard and shooting guard on the team. When she arrived at Malden High School, she was eager to sign up for the winter sport. Practicing hard on and off the court, she was able to get onto the varsity team her sophomore year, allowing her hard work to pay off.

    A wonder on the court, Zhou captures the audience’s attention when she has the ball in her hands. This season, the team's goal along with hers is to win the GBL and win the tournament, as it will be her last time competing for GBL. Other goals and expectations set for the season are to win more games than their previous season.

    Now, more than half way through the season, the girls basketball team has already achieved these goals set in place. Like every other athlete, Zhou wants to improve on her basketball skills along with her communication skills.

    One of the team's she would enjoy to play against would be Lynn Classical because “they are a great team and [she] could learn many things from playing against them.” The girls have their minds set to accomplish every single day. Whether they are or aren’t at practice, “each of [them] are improving each day. [They] practice hard every day and it pays off in games.”

    Zhou also states that “as a team [they] want to have more communication and treat each [other like] family member[s] of the program. [They] want to have positive attitudes toward all things.” As for the basketball program, it's improving each and every day, making it “great to see more and more people getting involved in [the] program.”


    Emraude Bonnet, also known as Emma, is a current freshman at Malden High who came from the Linden School. Emraude joined journalism because she wanted to cover sports and because she enjoys journalism. She loves to travel; in fact, she has traveled to Maine, Canada, and Florida. Her favorite sport is soccer, in which she plays as a defender. She took interest in soccer when she was in the sixth grade. In the future, Emraude wants to travel to Barcelona because her favorite soccer team is FC Barcelona. As a profession, her goal is to play on the US Women's National Soccer Team. Aside from sports, Emma loves to listen to music and watch her favorite TV show, Good Luck Charlie. Her all-time favorite artist is Drake, whom she always listens to. Although she is busy with sports and other daily activities, she still makes time for reading books as well, one of her favorites being Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks.

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