According to a review found on, the MBTA has placed a mock-up display on Boston City Hall plaza from April 3 to April 5. This will allow members and other to be able to enter it and check out what features were incorporated into the train. The trains will be finished off at a facility in Springfield, MA. The review states that the mock up will allows MBTA engineers and other officials to make changes before they start creating and producing other trains.

The review also states that the Orange Line is expected to start working within the next two or three upcoming years after testing processes are completed. This will allow them to create 152 Orange Line trains and 252 Red Line trains.

In an interview with Boston Magazine, T spokesman Joe Pesaturo says that “the agency is still working out plans to let members of the public take a look for themselves, but for now MBTA officials and engineers will be inspecting the model and noting any changes needed before the real ones start making their way to Boston in 2019.” The model will have two sets of doors while the finished product will end up having a total of three sets of doors. Producing the new orange lines will cost up to $843 million. The trains will also be rolled out in batches in either 2022 or 2023.

An article found on The Boston Globe mentions that Governor Charlie Baker and many other top MBTA officials also toured the mock up trains. The article included a quote from officials, who said that “the new cars also come with technology and design improvements to make riders more comfortable, accessible, and safer. Doors are wider, some seats can fold up to provide more room, and computer screens provide route information.”

Photo of an Orange Line train. Photo from Wikimedia

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