Golf Season Opener

The Malden High Golf team entered a new season with returning players seniors Tylor West and Michael Giordano, along with junior Reid Kankel, as captains. This is also Coach Richard Malatesta’s 29th year of coaching the MHS golf team.

MHS Golf player swings his club. Photo by Ajithaan Sathiyendra

This season, the Golf team has departed from graduate Nick Ansaldi, a former key player in their team. West and Kankel stated that “[He] helped the program last year by recruiting new members”. Without the help of Ansaldi, the program might have not been here this season. There are more returning players than new players this year compared to last season, which is an important advantage for the team since there are now more experienced players playing on the team.

The goal for the team this season is to win as many matches as possible to attend the Northeastern Conference (NEC). They are planning to do this by practicing more and winning more matches. A goal for sophomore Sean Lightbody this season is “winning more matches since [he had not got the chance] to play a lot of matches last year”. Even though their goal is to win this year, their main goal is to have fun and enjoy playing this season.

Despite the performance of the team last season because “most players needed to practice a lot since they were new and did not have a lot of experience.”stated Lightbody, “this year, [they have] improved a lot from the past few games”.

They have gotten a great start this season, especially since returning players have gotten more experience from last year. “It has been great” stated West, as [they have] won the first few games. Lightbody stated that “It has been pretty fun so far, [but] it can be a frustrating sport.”

West stated that his first experience with Golf was “going golfing with [his] dad”, which made him gain interest in the sport and join the team. Since Lightbody enjoyed his previous experience with golf by going “mini golfing with [his] dad”, he decided that he should join the Golf team.

Next week, the Golf team is playing home matches against Saugus and Winthrop. In the following weeks, they are playing matches against Salem, Lynn, and Revere before going to the Northeastern Conference. The golf team is looking forward to improve themselves for the (NEC) and have a great time this season.

Ajithaan Sathiyendra

Ajithaan Sathiyendra is a Sophomore at the Malden High School, though it is his first year on the Blue and Gold staff. Sathiyendra’s family is from Sri Lanka, which is located in Southern Asia. He previously went to the Salemwood School from Kindergarten to 8th grade and participates in school activities such as the Computer Club and Crew. Sathiyendra has been in Computer Club since Freshmen year and will be starting Crew this year. His hobbies include swimming, cycling and playing the drums and his favorite subjects are Math and Science. Sathiyendra likes to watch soccer, read science fiction books, eat chinese food and the Harry Potter series (the book, not the movies). Sathiyendra is looking forward to doing new things this year.

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