Boys Cross Country Profile: Christopher D’Entremont

Junior Christopher D’Entremont has been on the Boys Cross Country team since his freshman year. He recalls that was introduced to the sport by “a former senior that volunteered at a track program [he] did in middle school.”  His personal record for the 5K 19:24.  

D’Entremont says that his goals for the season are “to continue to get personal records and to try to be more involved in the team.” He feels that his strengths are working well with others on the team and, his weaknesses are that he gets easily injured.  D’Entremont’s plans for after high school will “most likely include the computer science field, and [he has] been thinking if [he wants] to continue [his] Cross Country career outside of high school.” He chose this sport because he felt like he needed something extra rather than just going to school, he feels that “practices have been mixed, with some being challenging, and others being easier.” D’Entremont feels that compared to freshman year he has made progress, even though it’s not as much as he had been hoping for. He stated that he is “looking forward to the indoor track season, and [he hopes] to continue improving for next year.”

Christopher D'Entremont in his cross country sweater before a practice. Photo submitted by Christopher D'Entremont.

Junior Kyle O’Brien has been a teammate of D’Entremont since their freshman year.. O’Brien feels that D’Entremont is a “great, funny, kind hearted kid, who puts in work all of the time and [D’Entremont] is determined to get back on top so [he] pushes [himself] everyday at practice.” O’Brien also feels that D’Entremont works hard and he puts in a lot of work ethic by always being on time.  O’Brien lastly feels that “[D’Entremont] is a great friend and a real nice kid.”

Boys and Girls Cross Country coach Courtney Invernizzi feels that D’Entremont is a wonderful athlete to have on the team, as he is a very hard worker who comes to every practice on time and is always following workouts as instructed by the coaches. Invernizzi states that “[D’Entremont] steps up when [it is] time to compete and always gives 110 percent. [He] is kind hearted and is always helping out his other teammates. [He] shows great work ethic and determination.” Invernizzi looks forward to having having him back next year for his senior year because he is a consistently shows his role model abilities to a lot of new comers on the team. Invernizzi feels that if D’Entremont “keeps focusing on improving and working with [his] teammates during races, [he] has potential to do really well by the end of the season.”

All in all, Invernizzi sees D’Entremont as “a great member of [the team]. [D’Entremont] is always someone who can be counted on and displays the traits of a great runner. [He] keeps a positive attitude and shows great sportsmanship to [his] own teammates as well as other team runners.” She feels that if D’Entremont keeps working hard and maintains his positive mindset, he will do really well and will make a lot more improvement. Lastly, Invernizzi states that “It would be great to see [D’Entremont] get his personal best times by the end of the season and to keep training off season so [he] will be able to have an even greater season [his] senior year.“


Devin Lemay

Devin Lemay is a freshman at Malden High School, joining the Blue and Gold staff right away. Interested in cars and writing, Lemay participates in no clubs, but is looking into some. The transition for Lemay, from middle school to high school, has been easy. In his free time, you can find Lemay sleeping, or watching football or basketball. Because the class comes so easy to him, Lemay’s favorite class at the moment is math. Lemay is especially looking forward to writing good articles and producing good work, especially in the sports section, for the Blue and Gold.

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