MHS Indoor Track Team’s Running Start to the Season

Malden High’s track team is one of the school's most popular and successful teams and they are ready to start another great season. With a new league to start competing in and huge interest and turnout for tryouts and practice, the athletes are ready to put their all into practices and their season.

Besides the new team members that will be joining and helping the track team out, there are more differences coming to the track season. Last year was the team’s last season in the Greater Boston League (GBL) and they will begin to take part of the league called the Northeastern Conference (NEC). This signifies that there will be more cities to compete against such as Beverly and Danvers, but the track team will no longer have meets with Cambridge or Somerville, whose rivalries will be “very much missed” according to Coach Londino.

Photo from the Blue and Gold archives 2016-2017. Photo by Ana Pirosca

It’s great to hear that the track team’s season has officially started and after their first practice, Coach Londino happily reported what he saw was very “promising” and that “people seem to be coming into the season in good shape.”

Track is a complex sport with various different categories such as the high jumps, the 1000 meter, and the 4x400 relay. Every event requires a varied skill set that includes strength, speed, endurance, and agility which all depends on the participator. A very important feature is talent which appears like many who have the desire to take part in the sport certainly are displaying.  

Besides talent, track members are also expected to  have “the willingness to work hard and the desire to win,” with these qualities, the team will be able to go very far once again. In order to prepare and to beat these new competitors, they’re building “strong work habits” and “balanced workouts.”

Track is “the type of sport that really gets [someone] working,” freshmen Iloni Taylor expressed. She continues to add how the sport interests her because it gives her the “right motivation the challenge herself.” Practice really pushes athletes with stretches and workouts and then spending the rest of their time really focusing the events they’re interested in. Similar to many other Malden High sports, they practice for two hours a day with coaches seeing how they do and helping out with techniques. Luckily, the team has such great and experienced coaches such as Coach Londino that will take them far once again

There’s a huge anticipation to meet the new team members along with seeing the returning ones show off their skills once more. A buzz of excitement for the future meets fills the minds of these dedicated athletes. With all the effort and dedication seen so far, this is sure to be a great season for the indoor track team.

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