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    Sandra Rivadeneira is a Freshman entering the Blue and Gold with high hopes that it will help her start her freshman year positively and expand her writing skills. She has big dreams to study at Yale and travel the world from Athens to London and beyond, writing as she goes. She wants to use her journalism to reach her readers through the power of information, being the reporter and not just a reader. Nonetheless, she does love to read, and one of her favorite books is “We were Liars”. Her favorite TV show and movie are “Riverdale” and “Love, Rosie” respectively, and her favorite song is “Testify”, by CitizenFour. In school, she hopes to join girls’ lacrosse and swimming and invest her time in Advanced Placement English and History classes, her fortes. Her interests are debate and acting, which she says she would love to pursue as a career if money were no object. Realistically, she dreams of working in foreign affairs and becoming a diplomat. This year she’s excited to get involved and hopes she’ll get straight A’s. She wants to get involved with her class, the Class of 2021, and make the most of her high school experience by going to football games and joining as much as possible.

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