Senior Michael Giordano, one of the captains of the  Boys Hockey team, has been playing hockey since he was five years old; this is his fourth year on the Malden and Revere Hockey team, playing the center position

From a young age, Giordano was interested in hockey. He mentions that his father introduced him to hockey with the many Bruins that he watched. He continued with the sport for ongoing years since ¨ [he] was good and always had fun playing.¨, although he enjoys watching hockey games, he adores playing much more.

Giordano includes that he wants to improve on ¨being able to shake off a bad play and to show [his] team that [they] can beat anyone.¨ He wants to motivate his team every game, whether they lose or win. He also knows that his team has the ability to win with all the practice they have.

As one of the members on the team, Giordano enjoys ¨how close the team is, [they] all have a lot of fun together, ¨ in or out of the games they are all ¨like a family.” He also believes that he and the team are ready for the many games that are coming along.

As a player, Giordano wants ¨to reach 100 career points and lead [his] team as far as [he] can.” As a student, he wants to be able to complete all his work when needed and not miss any.

Giordano describes his strengths stating that “[he is] a power forward which means that [he uses his] strength to beat players and once [he gets]  in close [he] can put the puck wherever [he needs] to.¨

For future plans, Giordano wants to  ¨[play]  junior hockey next year which is required to play college hockey and [he] will see where [he] can go from there.¨ Giordano already plans to play Hockey in his college years.

With the remaining season, he is ready to see ¨how much more [they] will grow and come together and see how far [they] can go this year.¨

To people that are interested in the sport, Giordano says that ¨[Hockey] is a fun sport to watch and play, [they] are a strong team that will be exciting to watch this year.”

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