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    Attendees of the Gingerbread Cookie Workshop decorating. Photo taken by Angelina Prum.

    To continue spreading the holiday spirit the MHS Fine Arts Club hosted a gingerbread decoration event on Thursday, September 14. The annual Gingerbread Cookie Workshop has been going on for four to five years now, and this year it was hosted in H309 in Joseph Luongo’s room at the Malden High School.

    At the event there were many fun possibilities to decorate the gingerbread cookies. Many combinations could be put together with options such as icing, fondant, candies, confetti, and premade ties. The icing came in six different colors. The colors includes red, green, pink, white, blue, and purple. The gingerbread cookie was about six inches tall, which is a fun size to decorate on as well. Luongo expressed how the event was a perfect way to create an “inexpensive gift that they could give to a relative, friend, or sometimes just make them for themselves.”

    During the event people would decorate a gingerbread man. The problem was that the frosting needed time to set. So it was put in a plastic bag overnight and the officers wrapped them and put a tag on them to pass them out the next morning.

    People who attended this event seemed to have enjoyed decorating the gingerbread man. The outcome was pretty successful. One of the club officer Sammy Lee thought the event was a success. Lee stated that “the decorating process was entertaining and the final product tasted wonderful”.  

    This event allowed people to create a customized gingerbread cookie that they could give as a small personalized gift to their families and friend, or even keep it for themselves. Also at the same time giving students in the club an opportunity for an art scholarship. The money made from fundraisers from the club, like this one will contribute for scholarship money and end of the year party for members of the Fine Arts Club.


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