Sgt. Frog is a comedy anime television series directed by Junichi Sato. It was originally a manga series by Mine Yoshizaki that was developed into an anime in 2004. The manga series was first started around April 1999 and was continued until 2007. A new series was released in October 2013 and is still ongoing today, continuing to entertain its fans.

The animation of the anime may be old, but the animations still look decent by today’s standards. The animation also sometimes used 3D models to animate their characters usually during the end of an episode.

The series is not just about the frogs but about the people that they live with so that the world does not have to know about them. They had also crashed landed on their property which had made them get discovered.

Cover art for Sgt. Fog. Photo courtesy of Flickr.

In the first episode, the human characters are captured by the alien frog from outer space that they had found. The first three characters that we are introduced to are the three main characters. The first one is a girl who is named Natsumi Hinata and she is the oldest sister of the family. The second character introduced is a boy named Fuyuki Hinata and is the youngest. The third character introduced was the alien frog named Keroro who is the leader of the alien frog group also known as their platoon.

During the first clip of the episode, it has the leader of the platoon Keroro in the house cleaning and doing chores for the Hinata family. At first, the viewers, don’t know whats going on but they have a funny narrator helping the audience. We are also introduced to the characters being able to break the fourth wall of the anime, something typically not seen in other animes. In fact, a character breaks the fourth wall in almost every episode.

The next clip was captioned as the episode that should have gone first. This gives it a  comedy effect on the viewers that would find it funny. In this episode/clip, the viewers are shown the Hinata family before they had discovered Keroro. Natsumi was waking up Fuyuki from sleeping and she points at the wall, saying that there was an alien there. It woke Fuyuki up,  but when they looked at the wall, the wallpaper peeled back, revealing Keroro. This made Natsumi freak out and made Fuyuki excited since he discovered the alien. Even if it was by chance, Keroro still pulled out a ball with buttons and press it to tie up the humans. The frogs call humans pekoponians as another for the human race.

The anime has very good character development and is a really funny anime. There are also many different characters which could become one of your favorite characters. If you want a quick laugh and have the time to watch it, Sgt. Frog would be great new anime to add to your list of shows to watch.

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