Girls’ Ice Hockey Profile: Sarah Whitehouse

Sarah Whitehouse is a freshman of the Malden/Medford Girls’ Ice Hockey team. Whitehouse attends Malden High as one of the seven Malden players on the team. Not many girls from Malden participate in the sport, but for the few that do helps the team become more complete.

Wearing the #6 jersey and playing as the right wing she said “basically it’s a forward. I have a left wing and a center and we pass to one another to help make goals. We’re normally the ones that score goals and we can always pass backwards to the defender to try and help them.”

Freshman Sarah Whitehouse. Photo by Carolina Cuevas.

“The major accomplishments for us are making goals and just doing teamwork. Its hard when you don’t communicate. If you don’t communicate with your players, it's hard to complete those accomplishments. A major accomplishment I’ve done is [improve my stick handling]. Now I’ve accomplished being able to skate and stay up with the rest of my team.”

Whitehouse likes the sport and said that “the team is nice and they support well.” “I really like the rush you get when you’re on the ice. Even though its forty-five seconds, it feels like there’s a rush when you can get on the ice and play with your team.”

“I don’t really dislike anything about it but it does get a little tiring so you need to keep taking shifts.”

Advice Whitehouse shared as an athlete is to “Keep on working hard. If you’re struggling with a sport and you’re just starting and you thinks it's hard, it will get easier. And the whole team will probably be there to support you. Your coaches will always be there to support you and never quit. You can always accomplish whatever you wanna do.”

“The girls are very nice. Some of the have been playing for a long time and they’re really advanced. They’re good hockey players and it's fun to work with them overall.”

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