The Superintendent of Malden Public Schools, John Oteri, is working to address the needs and complaints of  parents. During the most recent meet and greet a topic that came up was whether parents should have their own individual login to their children’s X2. X2 is a website where teachers upload student’s grades. It’s a virtual way students can check on their grades and how they are performing.

Now parents are suggesting that they should have their own private access to these grades. Because of this, the school-board has begun working on allowing parents to have their own login to their children’s private X2.

This has started some controversy among some students because parents already have progress report cards, which are to show how students are performing and their teachers feedback. They also are given report cards which show students’ final grades for a term. Having parents monitor every grade can cause stress for a student because some parents would not understand weighted grades and percentages.

Every student has a bad day where they don’t do the best on their work. Teachers do not always put the grades right away, leaving grades blank, which makes it seem like there are uncompleted assignments.

This new system could potentially have a negative impact on students with parents who are foreign and don’t understand how the American grade system works, as well.

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