A Preview of the NHS Community Projects

The National Honor Society (NHS) has started working on more community projects. NHS is an organization where students figure out what they can do for the community by raising money or creating community events to help them out. They have done a fundraiser for Christmas where each student has to raise a certain amount of money to then buy gifts for kids and adults who are less fortunate.

Juniors Dijana Masic, Sebastian Romani, and Matthew DiStefano are trying to create a science activity day in the high school where where students from the [city’s] middle schools can come up and learn about different scientific topics through fun activities such as making slime and creating different types of chemical reactions.

Masic stated that their goals for this project are to “teach the kids about science and get them more involved in the high school” that they will be coming to in a few years. Masic mentioned that her group is trying to accomplish this “by working with the Malden High School science department [and] the middle schools in order to spread the word and gain support for [their] project.” They are planning on reaching out to the science department and coming up with science activities that kids can take part in with them.

Senior Rowan Marcus is trying to create a club like the Computer Club at one of K-8 schools where they can meet at least once a to introduce middle school students to Computer Science. Marcus is doing because he noticed that “a lot of [middle school] kids don’t know what Computer Science is”. Marcus also mentioned that “if students know that it exists Freshman year, they can get into it and get a head start”.

Marcus is planning on teaching kids by mirroring what Paul Marques, the school’s Computer Science teacher and advisor for NHS, does in his Intro to Computer Science class and introducing students to a simpler online programming language called Scratch.

Junior Agatha Silva and her group will be continuing a project made by seniors from last year called “Play Like a Girl”. Silva is trying to “get girls from middle schools from 5th to 8th grade and [teach] them a certain sport every Sunday during April” along with other students in her group. Silva mentioned that they are doing this “to build up [the girl’s] confidence because not a lot of girls have confidence to play sports” and help them become better in sports.

Most students in NHS have already started to work on their community projects and will be working on it for the rest of this school year.

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