The Science National Honor Society hosted a Science Trivia night on February 9th. All the proceeds from the event were donated to the American Cancer Society. The event was held in B434 by SNHS Advisor and Science teacher Gregory Simone.

The Science Trivia night had enthusiastic students ranging from all different grade levels competing for the $100 prize. Eight teams participated in the event, with each team consisting of two to five players. Participants in the trivia night were quizzed on different sciences such as Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science and Astronomy.

The participants of Science Trivia Night. Photo by Angelina Prum.

The heads of the Science National Honor Society projected questions on to the board and students quickly jotted down their answers. Each question was worth a certain amount of points. At the end of the event, participants had the option to risk all their points to win an extra amount of points by answering random questions unrelated to science in order to test the knowledge of the students.

The group A-A-A Battery earned 1600 points at the end of the event. The 12 AM AP Calculus earned 5 points at the end of the event. The Killer Whales ended the event with 2650 points. The Mashed Potatoes ended the event with 2099 points.The group Bella Thorne ended with 0 points. The group Berry’s Man ended the event with 799 points. The group Miseri Discipul ended with 1000 points.  Deux Arabes won the event with 3500 points.

The members of the winning time were Seniors Kamal Moussa and Maryam Benouari.

Benouari stated that “the win was unexpected” and she “felt happy [and] thrilled about [her] win.”

Moussa felt disbelief, but he felt “hyper and excited” to his victory in the event. Both winners states they would definitely attend the event again. Simone stated that “[he] really enjoyed hosting the event, and [hopes] everyone had a fun night.”

Overall, every student who attended enjoyed themselves at the Science Trivia night, and the members of SNHS were pleased with the outcome of the event.

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