“Let’s Get Ready” is a program offered at Malden High that focuses on preparing students for the SAT. It takes place from 6:00pm to 9:00pm and it occurs twice a week. The first two hours focus on SAT prep where students answer practice questions and prepare overall for the intense test taking environment that happens when you take the SAT. The last hour is a period called “College Choice”. During this time, mentors help students prepare their college essays and help them find colleges they are interested in.

The staff at Northeastern University, along with a variety of Juniors and Seniors at the University, are involved and act as the mentors to the students. Let’s Get Ready also offers some college visits and diagnostic exams. In between the SAT prep and College Choice, mentors also offer food and games to play to keep them entertained.

In an interview with Kristel Normil, a student who participated in the program, she described the program as “exhausting, but worth it”. Normil described that the mentors helped her stay focused and that they were allowed to ask many questions about the SAT. However, she also liked the fact that she was kept entertained by eating snacks and playing games.

However, there are other students who believe there is room for improvement in the program. In an interview with Joelle Rosiclair, another student who participated in the program, she believes that Let’s Get Ready is “somewhat helpful.” Rosiclair stated that “the resources provided by the program, like the practice book and the diagnostic practice test, were extremely helpful but the course as a whole was not very rigorous.” Rosiclair also described the program as “laid back”, however she does not believe that the program did not help her.

Overall Let’s Get Ready is a great place to start if you want to understand how the SAT is formated and start studying for it.

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