The Girls’ Ice Hockey Season Comes to a Close

The players of the Medford/Malden Girls’ Ice Hockey team have put in their hard work and dedication throughout the entire winter season. Their season consisted a total of twenty games, nearly half of which were home and the rest away.

“[Their] overall record was 4-15-1.” said Terrell Pesaturo, starting goalie of the team. “However, most of the games lost were some of the best games played.” Though it seems that there are not that many wins, it is still more than what the team earned the year prior.

The Malden/Medford Girls Ice Hockey Team. Photo by Carolina Cuevas.

Brianna Swanson, a forward wing, mentioned that “as a team [they’ve] improved significantly, and have been able to use the past season to target certain areas of [their] performance that could use a bit of work; hopefully [they] will be able to utilize that information next year.”

Throughout the entire season, the players always gave positive feedback on their opinion of the team and their results in the rink. Pesaturo was “extremely happy with the way [their] season ended. [They] fought hard to the end and [they] doubled [their] wins from last year”

“Some of the best moments of the season for [her] personally were seeing the team grow, both as individuals and as a whole, and of course getting to play a final season with the seniors graduating this year” said Swanson.

Jessica Crugnale, a forward wing, said that “Looking back now that the season is over, it’s kind of weird not being at the rink every day” but that they have” improved so much compared to last year.”  The team has stayed competitive even in their defeats this year, and the have defeated teams they have “struggled to play against in previous seasons.” She also added that “Pasta parties and game days were some of the best moments because we’re all together as a team, bonding and having fun.”

The Malden players. Photo by Carolina Cuevas.

Swanson claimed that “as wonderful as the season was, there were some low points, and the majority of these occurred when the team stopped functioning as a unit and [they] weren’t able to play to [their] full potential.”

Crugnale claimed that “Some of [their] worst moments were when [they] played tougher teams. It discouraged [them] during games so that by the second period [they] weren’t giving [their] best effort.”

The Medford/ Malden Girls’ Ice Hockey team worked hard every practice and continued to improve among some challenging competition. Malden is confident that the players will continue to improve until the next season comes and show their strength in the rink.


***The Article was updated on March 22nd, 2018.***

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