This year Malden High will be hosting its 10th annual Student vs. Faculty Basketball Game on Wednesday, March 14th. The fundraiser’s earnings are to be split between any  Tornado Travelers Club members who participated in ticket selling and the MHS Crew Team. Members from either team or club raise many for their own respective needs.

Athletic director Charlie Conefrey looking to pass the ball. Photo from The Blue and Gold archives 2016-2017.

The Student vs. Faculty game is always an exciting event to look forward to, for both the students and the teachers. Faculty enjoy the break from grading and getting to play a fun sport along with students who get to enjoy seeing some of their favorite teachers in a non academic environment, in this case, running back and forth on a basketball court. Often the greatest anticipation factor is who’s going to win. 

“[The results of the game go back and forth,” says Shauna Campbell, who is the Tornado Traveler Club Advisor and the Crew team coach. “Every year is something new, interesting and funny”. According to History teacher Jonathan Copithorne, during last year’s game “the faculty got slaughtered,” but a few years ago they won at a buzzer beaters. “[It is] interesting to say how things go.”

Junior Ahmed Elbalawan commented that the best part is “[beating] all the teachers,” Elbalawan recalled his freshman year, when he said it was his first time playing basketball, claiming he “dunked on [Copithorne].”

Many students enjoy participating because it is not a typical interaction many teachers that would be had in the classroom. Many faculty members decide to participate every year in this amusing recreation because of the laughs.

“It’s nice to interact with students and colleagues in a different way.” Campbell explained, “Students get to see that their teachers in a not so typical. [It is] funny seeing certain people run around”  

Freshman Guidance Counselor Taryn Belowsky, who coached the Junior Varsity Girls Basketball team, says she is  hopeful for the faculty, “[She is] feeling good this year, [the faculty] won a few and lost a few so [she will] see.” Copithorne’s hopeful predictions are for the upcoming game is that “this year [staff] will win, but in a close game”

To know the actual outcome of the game, come down to the gym on March 14th at 2:45. Tickets are only three dollars and give you a chance to win a raffle for a Dunkin Donut certificate. Be sure to bring posters to encourage your teachers and friends.

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