Members of the crew team in the 2017 Spring Season. Photo submitted by Matt DiStefano.

The MHS rowing team held their first annual spring Triathlon on April 6th. The triathlon consisted of three individual events, 2,000 meters on the erg, running 50 floors of stairs, and swimming 10 lengths in the pool. The top placed for Boys was freshman Blue and Gold reporter David Lombardi, who had a time of 22.51. Junior Olivia Forestier placed first overall for Girls with a final time of 26.32.

According to Lombardi, the whole purpose behind the triathlon was to make sure that the members on the team had the endurance to be able to “exercise for a long period of time.”

Sophomore Brenda Dias explained that the triathlon was mostly to raise money for crew because there is a lot of stuff that they need to buy and also having to repair the boats. She described that the triathlon is a very productive event for them to take part in. She stated, “you feel great having completed it at the end, you feel proud of yourself for having done.”

Individually, Lombardi believes that he did “really good” especially for a freshman but still has some areas that need improvement and would make his time faster. He added that what he struggled with the most is with the erg because “it is really tough and I have some issues with my technique that I need to fix so I don’t strain myself.”

In a similar matter, Dias also believes that she did pretty well considering the fact that she had gotten “a better erg time than usual” and had a lot of motivation to finish the triathlon as quickly as she could.

As for Lombardi, he concluded that his best area was swimming considering that he has been a swimmer for years which made it the “easiest” for him. He continued to explain that many have improvements to make but he did not see where anyone had “faltered.”

Dias claimed to have struggled with the stairs the most simply due to the fact that it has to be done right after doing 2,000 meters on the erg. She mentioned that her best area is erging.

Lombardi said that the team is full of many strong competitors and seeing everyone put everything in that they had as well as trying their best. Dias added that she thinks this season will be “fantastic” and mentioned how everyone is excited to get in the water.

Now the crew season comes to a new start, all the members on the team took part in the triathlon which will help lead to a successful season.

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