Malden v. Marblehead Boys Track Meet

On Wednesday, April 11th, the MHS Boys Track and Field team had a meet against Marblehead High School in Marblehead, MA. Overall, the teams had multiple first place finishes and even some records set.

Senior, Ameen Anwar was one of many athletes who competed in the two mile and the 800 meter race. Anwar mentioned, “the best moment of that day was definitely in the mile run.” When senior, Robert Russo, amazingly defeated a Marblehead runner in the two mile race, Anwar and sophomore Omar Asousy finished together in first and second place.

In the 800 meter, Anwar and Asousy along with senior Oussama Ourich swept the podium, taking first, second and third place. Aside from the team’s great performance, Anwar is hoping to improve the team’s record and states that “the [team] is really dedicated to getting better. Everyone shows up to practice everyday and is ready to try [their] best.”

Junior Kyle O’Brien, also competed in the two mile run but had suffered an injury, placing in sixth place. O’Brien congratulates his teammates Anwar and Asousy for their outstanding wins in the two mile. O’Brien stated that “[he] is going to be more careful and get a better warm up in. Overall, some people had a great day in their events” but in O’Brien’s eyes, they as a team still have much more to improve on. “Taking care of [themselves] and working even harder at practice” is what seems to be the main goal for O’Brien and the rest of the track and field team.

Freshman Kevin Casetta, feels that he did very well in his javelin event but is interested in competing in other events such as shot put. Casetta mentioned that some athletes in this event, from Malden and Marblehead, threw “very, very far.” Casetta stated, “[They] definitely tried hard and had a good spirit throughout the meet. Was it out best effort? No, but we are going to improve. [They] hope to improve and obtain as many good players as [they] can!”

The MHS Track and Field team did an outstanding job in a multitude of events this past meet. The team is now preparing for their next meet against Danvers on April 19th at MacDonald Stadium.

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