Class of 2021 Election Preview

The Class of 2021 has a lot of potential students running for class office, and students campaigning hard to get a spot. Cassandra Poole, the class advisor, talks about how and why she decided to lead the class of 2021.

Poole stated that the idea came from “one of [her] freshman students in [her] Math 2 honors class... [The student] asked [her] if [she] was interested, because it was halfway through the year and [the Class of 2021] did not have an advisor yet.”

Although, Poole was unfamiliar with the duties of being a class advisor, “[she] talked with [Class of 2018 Advisor Katherine Haskell] and [Class of 2019 Advisor Rebecca Corcoran] about it, since [they] have both been advisors for years. [They] both said that it was a lot of hard work, but that they did not regret their decision to be a class advisor. Ultimately, [she] decided that there was room in [her] life for a little more stress, so [she] said yes to the job!”

When Poole first said yes, Chris Mastrangelo was looking to find a co-advisor to work with her. He said that being class advisor was a difficult job, and that it requires two people. He put the word out and few different people were considering applying. “Several teachers have offered advice and assistance, for which [she is] incredibly grateful, but so far, no one else has stepped up to be a full co-advisor with [her].”

Key things she needs to help the class of 2021 with is run class elections, work with the student officers to plan fundraisers throughout the year, as well as help plan JVs during junior year and prom during senior year.

The whole reason she wanted to help is because she is very fond of the freshmen, to a point where ”some of them call [her] mom! Which is a little weird and yet also endearing. [She is] very fond of them.”

The Class of 2021’s main goal to achieve is get ”the best high school experience that they can.” During a candidate’s campaign, they must attempt to convey that they are the best person for that job.

“When the class of 2021 votes for their officers in early May, they should vote for the candidate they truly believe can give them an awesome high school experience,” says Poole. Students running should complete an online survey to show how they should sign up.

Every candidate trying to run for an office is required to submit an application. The application asks them to explain their reasons for running for office, what qualifications and experiences they have that would make them a good choice for the office. It also asks them to explain an idea they have for a fundraiser they might want to run if they are elected.

Other people can and should help out the 2021 class by allowing them to put their campaign signs near or in front of their classroom door to show that they do support each and every person “[Poole] personally [encourages] the candidates to put their campaign materials on [her] door or outside [her] classroom. As for other students, the best thing they can do to support the freshmen is to be respectful of the students’ campaigns: don’t tear down posters, don’t trash talk other students, etc.”

The elections will take place on May 1st for freshmen to vote for their class and choose who will be their class officer.

Anna Silva

Anna Silva is a senior who is returning for her second year in the Blue and Gold. Silva likes being a part of the Blue and Gold because she gets to “express [her] opinions.” She enjoys writing about both sports and local news. Silva, in particular, finds the track team a very “interesting” topic to write about. During her free time, Silva listens to music (of which she doesn’t have any preference to), and watches tv shows like Chicago PD and CSI.

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