Boys Volleyball Profile: Marron Acheampong

Senior Marron Acheampong is new to the Boys’ Volleyball team, who has already established himself as a dependable and dedicated player with his consistent performances in games.

It took persuading from a friend on the team to convince Acheampong to join the team. He was not sure on whether or not to try out for the team, but he said that when he took a step back and “thought about it”, he said to himself that the experience could both “be fun” and educational, since he would be able to add new volleyball knowledge to what he “already know[s] about the game.” Acheampong already had some experience with volleyball “way back in [his] home country”, but he said it was so long ago that he “did not remember” how to pass or hit when he tried out for the team.

Even though it is only his first year on the team, Acheampong said that he has already immensely improved on his game “in different ways”. He learned how to properly “hit, block, pass, and receive a service”. He admitted that it was difficult for him to improve on his skills, however, he feels now that he finally “got the hang of it.”

Acheampong has also already set goals for himself this season, which is to “not let [his] team down” and to help his teammates in “any possible way.” He also aspires to help accomplish the team’s goal of qualifying for the States tournament and hopefully winning at States.

On his relationship with his other teammates, Acheampong said that the volleyball team “get[s] along great”. He mentionedthat the members of the team “encourage one another” when a mistake is made. The team also bonds even off the court, with the team frequently spending time together outside of practices or game. Practice is usually light-hearted and “fun” with plenty of “fooling around”.

Acheampong said that the team knows that they are “a better team” than last year because they believe that they have the “potential” to succeed even further this season. Although the team usually keeps a carefree and joyful attitude, the team never hesitates to get serious when it is “game time”. When it’s game time, the team quickly “put[s] their jokes aside” and try to maintain their “focus on the main goal”, which is, of course, winning.

Fellow teammate Tenzin Shakya, sophomore, said that he would rate Acheampong’s volleyball skills “as high as 8” already. Shakya said that Acheampong has “a great spark” on and off the bench and plays an “impactful” role on the team. He “always has the mindset to win”, like the rest of the team, and it is “a great characteristic” to possess, according to Shakya.

So far in the season, Acheampong has been “absolutely fantastic”, and even though he improve on certain areas, he “always comes to practice looking to fix the game”. Shakya calls him both “an amazing player on the court” and “a great friend” and a part of the volleyball team family. Shakya adds that he is “grateful to have him” as they try to reach their goal of winning States.

Acheampong said that he does not think he will continue with volleyball since the sport is not part “of [his] future plan”. However, since he knows for a fact that he is good at the sport, one can “never know what the future can hold”.

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