Girls’ Tennis Midseason Update

Malden player going for a swing. Photo by Jennica Ruan. 

The Girls Tennis team currently has a record of 2-6. According to Sophomore Jenny Nguyen, they have gone up against some of the toughest schools in the first few games.

As far as how the season has been going for Junior Queenie Dang, “Personally, [she] believes that the season is going pretty well. [Her] personal skills have improved immensely and [she is] really happy for that. Although [they] haven’t won a lot of [their] games, [she] thinks that [they] are working really well in communicating with each other and working on improving [their] overall tennis skills.”

Malden players during a match. Photo by Jennica Ruan.

 Despite their record, Dang thinks “that [they] can improve on that a lot because [they] have a lot of potential.” She stated that “[the whole team] have been working really hard to improve [their] skills and are all very determined to do [their] best when [they] step on the courts.” Due to so many events going on during the spring season, Puri said that it is “usually the hardest and the most hectic” due to “AP exams…and the SATs”.

Even with all these circumstances, Dang stated that “The players, old and new, are doing really well this season. [Everyone] [has] been working really hard to improve [their] skills and [they] are all very determined to doing [their] best when [they] step on the courts.” Puri’s expectations are “that after the AP exams [they] can get back on the groove with tennis. What [they] need more than anything is to focus and to get [their] head in the game. [She is] hoping that [they] can improve [their] serves and become powerful players on the court.”

Puri said that “The coach always reminds [her] to “take it one step at a time” and although it might not seem like much, it’s significantly helpful to hear those words out in the court. [The coach is] always there to lift [her] back up which [she] really [appreciates].” Head coach Cheryl Camassa likes to stay positive in helping her players to stay motivated to play.

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