Graduation Edition Crossword 2018

Created by Ajithaan Sathiyendra and Falyn Kelley.


2. What club hosted the Hometown Heroes contest?

5. Chris Mastrangelo officially got the job as the new _____ at Malden High School.

6. Walter ____ won Mr.MHS.

7. What program is where girls are involved in technology?

8. Posse holds ____ different interviews on deciding if someone should be a candidate for their scholarship.

11. Concert Band Seniors played “_______” by Maurice Ravel.

12. Aaliyah _____ worked on a project about child abuse for Generation Citizen.

13. Tobi Pitan was the College ___ winner.


1. Joanne ______ was the founder of the Malden High Alumni association and the initiator of the Hall of Fame program.

2. “Malden High Remembers Dave ____”

3. Junior Agatha ______ has volunteered at Special Olympics for three years.

4. Malden has been a partner with special olympics for __ years.

9. Malden Reads holds a conversation on __   

10. Matt ___ is the new president for the class of 2019.

14. Senior Cindy ___ focused on “Teen Perceptions of the Masculinity of Male Vegetarians” for her AP research project. 

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