Graduate Profile: Erica Perez

Graduate Erica Perez smiles for the camera.

Erica Perez was a student that left an important impact on Malden High School.

Perez overcame obstacles that “shaped [her] into becoming an understanding person, and very open minded.” She also believes that “if many of the struggles [she] had faced didn’t happen in [her] life, [she] wouldn’t be the way [she is] now.”

Perez is thankful for the MHS staff which helped her throughout her high school career. She says that “all faculty members supported [her] through all four years of high school.” She adds that “whether it was to miss a class to focus on [herself], or stay in [a teacher’s] room to do work, [she] always knew [she] was able to count on them.”

Chemistry teacher Kate Haskell has a strong relationship with Perez. She says that Perez “amazes her everyday” because “she has difficulties in her life she has to overcome, but you would never know it by looking at her.” Even as a student, Perez was outstanding. Haskell says “she was really smart, always volunteered, and even helped other people” who were struggling in class. Haskell adds that Perez is “never in a bad mood” and is “so positive that it is impressive.”

Haskell is incredibly proud of all the work that Perez has accomplished while at the high school.  She says she has “worked so hard over the past four years.” To sum up Perez, Haskell says “she is an incredible person” that can “always put a smile on [her] face.”

She recognizes how well liked Perez is saying that “she is easy to talk to, friendly, funny, and [that] people love her.”  

Perez appreciates her relationship with Haskell as well. She says that “instead of shaping [her] opinion on [Haskell] by others, [Perez] got to know her [herself].”

Perez says that she “enjoyed taking the time to get to know her”, and they ended up creating an “amazing teacher-student bond.” Perez credits her as “the first faculty member [she] had opened up to about [her] difficulties.” Haskell  “is someone [Perez] will be able to count on for a lifetime.”

When asked what she will miss most about MHS, Perez answers being part of Crew. She goes on to say that she “enjoy[s] the uniqueness it brought to the school, and that “it was an amazing experience to work with a team full of 80 kids.” She adds that “it taught [her[ to complete an extreme training routine, swim faster, row, and learn how to fundraise.”

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