Holland House Profile: Nick Sargent

Graduate Nick Sargent poses for the camera.

Nick Sargent, a player on the Malden High School baseball team and soon to be graduate, was an immediate choice, Holland House principal Marilyn Slattery says. She describes him as somebody who encapsulates the determination to “be the best you can be, not just as a student, but as a person.”

Upon hearing of his nomination, Sargent was “honored and surprised”, but Slattery comments that she and Holland House guidance counselor Caitlyn Quinn “came up with his name right away” agreeing that he deserves to be recognized for “personifying what we believe in.” Slattery has witnessed Sargent “grow with confidence,” blossoming from a “quiet kid as a freshman” to a friendly and involved senior with a presence on the baseball field, a “capable and quality man.”

Slattery admires his humility, calling Sargent’s ability to recognize when he’s confused and “ask questions in class when he [doesn’t] understand something” a “real skill.” She also compliments his authenticity and genuinity, saying he’s always “just been Nick.”

From the outside, as Slattery notes, Sargent has become very self-assured throughout high school, but he attributes his academic and athletic successes to his support system comprised of teammates, teachers, coaches, and his mother, who “always [stood] by [him] and [supported him] through some pretty tough times.” He thanks each one of them for their role in making MHS the familiar and supportive environment he will miss most.

He mentions that “with each hurdle [he] faced, every triumph [he] accomplished,” his teachers and peers were dependable and motivating. Their support ensured his success by providing the “guidance, advice, or encouragement [he] would need to make things right.”

When confronted with “demanding and difficult experiences,” Sargent recalls finding comfort in his class, which has “so many positive role models,” saying he’s a “proud to be a member of Malden's Class of 2018.”

Slattery comments that Sargent is a “good student and is going to be a successful adult.”

Rebeca Pereira

Rebeca Pereira, Editor in Chief of The Blue and Gold, is entering her third year in the class and her fourth, and last, year of high school. In spite of the immense responsibility inherent in senior year, Pereira remains optimistic, knowing she can rely on the solidarity of her friends and the guidance of her teachers. Apart from the relationships she’s built, Pereira appreciates most her time spent leading MHS’s Feminism Club and volunteering as a peer tutor with MTEC. Extracurricularly, Pereira enjoys listening and playing music, reading both novels and news articles, watching late night and stand-up comedy, and a her new hobby, cooking. She’s also active in her religious community and plans to carry her interests and activities with her to college, where she plans to study either Journalism or International Relations.

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