Boyle House Profile: Barbara Castro

Graduate Barbara Castro smiles for the camera.

Barbara Castro says when she found out she was chosen she was chosen she was “shocked.” She says she just went through high school doing “the best [she could] do without thinking about anything else.”

Castro says her experience in high school “taught [her] how to keep moving forward and always work harder in life.” She also adds that it taught her “life lessons like focusing on the positive.”

When asked what she will miss about Malden High School, Castro says the main thing is band teacher, Erin Mazza. Castro credits Mazza as “the go to person who [she] could talk to.” She adds that “now that [she] will be attending a college two hours away it will be a lot harder because [she will not] have that one person to go to.”

Mazza has known Castro since freshman year, and has had her in her classroom every year since then. Whether it was in a small ensembles class, or with Castro as her school to career, Mazza says Castro “liked to be involved in everything [they] did.”

Mazza says that through the time she has known Castro, she has seen her “become very confident in who she is as a person.” When asked what she will miss most about her, Mazza responds with “[Castro’s] laugh” and her ability to always “brighten [her] day.”

Castro credits her mom as a big influence in her life. She speaks about her fondly saying that “she is [her] rock, and [her] day one.”

Leaving high school, Castro looks forward to “what the future holds next for [her].” She wants to “find out who [she is] independently and [is] excited for what [her] major has in store for [her].” She is excited to be closer to what she “want[s] to do in life which [for her] is biology.”

Ailin Toro

Senior Ailin Toro is a returning member to the Blue and Gold and is back as managing editor. She has been in the class since her freshman year. Her favorite subject is English because she has an interest in writing. Toro enjoys listening to music. Her favorite artist is King Princess and her favorite song from her is “Talia”. She was born in Colombia and moved here when she was six years old. She is close with her family, and has a younger sister, who is in middle-school, and a brother who is a year old. Toro also has a job at GAP and would describe herself as quiet and hardworking. She is looking forward to help the newspaper be the best it can be in her final year.

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