Malden High School Democrats Club

Since February, Malden High School has had their very own Democrats Club. Freshman Tonijoy Pimental runs the club and is also the president.

Pimental explains that the club started when one of her friends at another school had started something similar so she decided to incorporate “democracy” in the lives of each student at Malden High School, giving them an opportunity to speak up and stand up for what they believe in.

Pimental explains that “[she] is extremely into politics and wanted to have a area at MHS to discuss current events.” Pimental keeps the other students in contact with the rest of the Massachusetts High School Democrats and she helps inform the other members on the issues they could focus on and the actions they can take when leading the discussions.

Another member of the club is Sophomore Paolina Fornari. She explained that “[she] cares about the issues this world and local [communities are facing] and [wants] to see [changes] happen to resolve and alleviate those issues.” She continues saying “it feels good to have access to a community and the support of other local high schoolers who want to be involved in activism and politics so that [they] can make change together rather than just hearing about what is happening. It’s fulfilling to take the passion and frustration [she feels] when [she hears] about what is happening in the world and use that energy to actually do something about it.”

She also mentions that “[she] thinks there’s a real issue with students and young people seeing politics and having feelings about current events and issues as something optional or “none of [their] business.” [She thinks] part of where these feelings, or lack of feelings comes from is the idea that, as young people, [we] can’t do anything but that absolutely isn’t true. The students of Parkland have proven that. Organizations like the High School Democrats and the Sunrise Movement, which actively seek young people, give [us] the resources and the support to prove that [we] can make change.

Fornari continues to says that “As young people, [we] are going to be heavily affected by the way the world is changing. Whether it be through climate change, the economy, or the state of higher education. This is the world [we’re] going to spend [our] adult life in, which especially for high schoolers, is not that far off. [We] should make an effort to make it a better one.” She states that “The purpose of the club, like the purpose of the wider MHASD (Massachusetts High School Democrats) and the nationwide High school Democrats, is to give students access to resources and support from a community to take action and get involved in politics.”

This club is for any students who are looking to be involved with politics. The club meets regularly on Wednesdays at 2:30 in room J380 and they are always welcoming to new members.

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