Posse Profile: Qian Ren

Malden High School’s Qian Ren was one of the three seniors to be selected as a Posse winner this year. The Posse scholarship covers a student’s full tuition at a four year college.

Qian was part of many clubs throughout her time at MHS. This includes Key Club, Badminton Club, and Asian Culture Club. She also founded the Culture Connection Club her junior year, along with some of my friends. She mentions that her “involvement in these clubs have allowed [her] to make new friends, grow as a person, leader, and student.” Outside of school Qian likes to “spend time with [her] friends, watch movies, and go on jogs.”

Ren speaks about when she found out that she was chosen, saying that she “felt extremely blessed, relieved, and excited at the same time.” She adds that she will “forever be grateful for all the help and support [she] received from scholars and high school alums,” especially Boyle house counselor, Erin Craven, and MHS alum Jonathan Dong, as they were the one who nominated her for Posse.

Ren is going to her first choice school, Hamilton College. When asked why Hamilton was her first choice Ren says that “Hamilton is best known for its biology and economics major, which are the two majors [she is] interested in” and cannot decide between. She says that “with Hamilton’s open curriculum [she is] sure [she] will eventually find a way to study both.” Another reason Ren was interested in this college is because “Hamilton also encourages their students to study abroad which is something [she is] looking forward to.”

To close off Ren says she is “excited to see the posse-bilities the future holds.”

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