A Look Inside the MHS Social Activism Club

Social Activism Club at MHS gives students the opportunity to bring up any social issues or concerns in their community. The club is run by seniors Nikita Puri, Fritza Jeudy, and Nour Khurram. English teacher Nierika Nims serves as the club’s advisor.

The club is focused on trying to “raise awareness throughout the high school about social [issues]” in order to help students become more “empowered and to make a difference in society,” explained Khurram.

As for Jeudy, she strongly believes that this is “a great way” for students to become informed on what is going on in today’s society. Jeudy also added that the club is aimed at students who are curious for a “change or perspective on things.”  She explained that it is an opportunity for all students to “speak their truth.”

From left to right, seniors Nour Khurram, Fritza Jeudy, and Nikita Puri along with MHS english teacher Nierika Nims. Photo by Neden Bernadin. 

In their very first meeting, they handed everyone flashcards to write any topic of current social events that they wanted to discuss. After reviewing these cards, they found common interests in discussing gun violence and police brutality. Because of this, these topics will be the center of conversation in upcoming meetings. Jeudy explained that every week, the club will “come together and chose a topic that was popular among them or anything else of that sort and hold a discussion.”

Apart from discussions, they are also planning on incorporating activities like planning to go to the movie theater to see “The Hate U Give,” a movie adaption of the novel by Angie Thomas that focuses on police brutality. Khurram also stated that soon, members of the club will begin “[writing] down a quote or something meaningful so that in [their] school, [they] can raise awareness.”

Additionally, Puri highlighted how the club wants the “students [to] facilitate the discussion and not just [the officers],“ so that they have the opportunity for to gain their leadership skills. What is unique about this club is “that [it is] not just [the three of them]” that want to drive the conversations, and that they want to create a friendly and open atmosphere for the members. They hope to explore and dive deep into social issues as the club moves forward.

Social Activism Club meets every Monday in room Br448.

Correction: A previous version of the article incorrectly labeled the photo caption.

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