Boo! A Spooky Soundtrack for Halloween!

It’s October, and with the arrival, and now, near end, of the spooky month, there must be a playlist so you can jam out to some of the creepiest songs out there.

Thriller-Michael Jackson

Pretty much everyone knows this one. Michael Jackson turns into a zombie, turns back, and the twist is, he never actually turned back.

Monster Mash-Bobby (Boris) Pickett

Everybody knows this one. You know, the one with the “graveyard smash”

This is Halloween-Danny Elfman

A classic song from the opening of “The Nightmare before Christmas, this song will make a wave of nostalgia wash over you, bringing you back to the first time that you saw this movie.

Spooky Scary Skeletons- Most people have heard of ‘that one skeleton video with the pumpkin guy dancing.” Or at least heard somebody talk about it before. If you haven’t, you live under a rock.

Ghostbuster Theme-Ray Parker Jr.

Same as “This is Halloween” this will also wash a wave of nostalgia over you. Who are you gonna call?

Werewolves of London-Warren Zevon

It has that iconic “Aooooooooo” howl in the chorus. What more could you ask for in a Halloween song?

A Nightmare on My Street-DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince

In this tune, WIll Smith meets a guy named “Fred” (I think we all know who he’s talking about). Who could ask for any more?

Don’t Fear The Reaper-Blue Oyster Cult

Opening with a catchy guitar part, this 1976 song, you’ll be hooked everytime you hear the line “Don’t fear the Reaper”.

It’s Almost Halloween-Panic! At The Disco

With frontman Brendon Urie encouraging us to “do the trick or treat” in the chorus, you’ll either cringe at or love this song.

The Ghosts of Beverly Drive- Death Cab for Cutie

With pretty good vocals, this catchy tune is pretty good for anyone looking to find a laid back, but ghost-themed tune.

Somebody's Watching Me- Rockwell

If you loved “Thriller”, then you’ll love this. With a Psycho reference in one of the verses, and Michael Jackson in the chorus, this is a must-have for all Halloween playlists.

Carlos Aragon Aldana

Carlos Aragon is a returning sophomore to the Blue and Gold. Aragon originally joined the Blue and Gold to pursue in writing movie reviews. Once Aragon had begun the class, he soon realized that he also enjoyed the interviewing portion of the class, as well as talking to people in general. His proudest work is the Blue and Gold Art Gallery and the “Political Caricatures” article. Aragon is confident that he will continue to be in the class for the rest of his high school career. Outside of school, he enjoys music and has played the piano for a total of five years and has been learning to play the bass guitar for the last six months. He also loves to watch movies and his top three favorites are Hot Fuzz, Interstellar, and Ratatouille.

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