Boy’s Cross Country Running to Meet New Goals

The boys cross country team is off to a running start with a record of 2-0, with coach Sean Weldon coaching the team for his first season with assistant coach Cassie Froio. Coach Weldon has coached Middle School basketball in the past, and says that he is “very excited to be coaching at the high school level.”

With the overall success that the Cross Country team has seen in prior seasons, one would think that the team would suffer with the loss of seniors. However, the team seems to be on a pretty good streak so far this season, and Weldon seems to know why.

When asked about the state of the team this season, Weldon stated that  “this team has benefitted from the experience of veteran runners like [Omar Asousy], [Kyle O’brien] , and [Christopher D’entremont] that have really helped [their] new members find their groove running at the high school level.”

It has not just been the great leadership on the team that has helped the team succeed so far this season, with Weldon saying “the loss of seniors has not impacted [them], as due to heavy recruiting [they] have had a great turnout of freshmen and sophomores.”

The start of every sports season brings goals the team would like to meet by the end of the season. Whether the goal is for the team as a whole, or just a personal record, players and coaches alike will try their hardest to make sure their goals are reached.

One of the goals set by Weldon this season is that  “[he is] hoping as a team that [they] have competed to [their] fullest potential,” and stated that the runners this year “do not lack determination and show a drive to do well in all competition.”

A separate, more personal goal, set by Senior Captain Christopher D’Entremont is that “[he] wants to make sure that [their] team does the best they can.” His personal goal this season is “improving on [his] own times.”

Although the team has done extremely well, there is always room for improvement. Senior Captain Kyle O’Brien stated that “[he] feels like [they] can take more safety precautions to risk injuries for the rest of the season such as resting and being more careful.”

When asked about why O’Brien feels this is an issue, he stated that “[they] have faced some injuries already with some of [their] top runners and just little injuries that could be easily prevented.”

Injuries do not seem to be the only issue that the team has had to face this season, with Captain D’Entremont stating that “[He] feels like the only potential problem [they] could have would relate with people being serious at practice” but does not seem to think it is a huge issue, stating that “[he does not] think that it would affect [them] in a harsh way, due to the fact that [their] team is strong and connected.”

The start of a new season also brings new leadership to the team, this years captains being Senior Kyle O’Brien, Senior Chris D’Entremont, and Junior Omar Asousy.

The 2017 Boys Cross Country team taking off at the start of a race. To the far right Seniors Kyle O’Brien, and Chris D’Entremont look to take first place. From the Blue and Gold photo archives. Photo by Devin Lemay.

Weldon says that “All captains have demonstrated great leadership helping new members get into workout and recovery routines, while also performing exceptionally well in our meets so far this season.”

With the introduction of so many new runners to the team, there are bound to be a few that have stood out so far. Weldon says that aside from the veterans, “George Zuo and Josh Pauleus have stood out for the boys running [their] in our first two meets.”

So far, the veteran runners seem to be performing exceptionally well this season, with Coach Weldon commenting that “[their] veteran captains have been excellent, putting in top four finishes in [their] meets to date, including Omar finishing first.”

This new season has brought both strengths and weaknesses to light, showing that there is stuff the team needs to work on, while also showing that there are strengths they can utilize.

Something Weldon feels the team excels at is “putting in the work to improve, while also staying loose and having a good time.” and went on to say that “above all else, it is important for the athletes to want to be there.”

With the exceptional performance of the team this season, there does not seem to be very many weaknesses. One issue that O’Brien feels could be better is that “[he] feels like the only potential problem [they] could have would relate with people being serious at practice, but [he] [does not] think that it would affect [them] in a harsh way, due to the fact that [their] team is strong and connected.”

O’Brien also stated that “[he] feels everyone is always doing their best and giving 100% since [they] are 2 and 0” but went on to say that “[they] could practice harder and get in better shape.”

The team came away with a victory over Lynn Classical recently, with Weldon stating that “[they] were very excited to earn [their] first road W of the year. The course at the Lynn Woods Reservation is pretty difficult to run, so we were happy to come away with the victory.”

“[He] feels [they] were able to successfully prepare for the meet through workouts in practice, while also staying loose and easing the nerves with a fun bus ride consisting of the “cross country Lit Playlist” created by Maggie Lee to get [them] pumped up,” said Weldon.

Captain O’Brien also feels they were able to come on top because “the other younger guys stepped up and placed well which really contributed to the team score overall” and said that “watching the non seniors give it their all and really step up at the end is very enjoyable and it makes [him] happy and proud as a captain.”

Overall, the team is doing extremely well, and all the members seem to be very happy and proud. Captain O’Brien mentioned that “[he] just wants to say that [he is] extremely happy and proud of [their] team and everyone stepping up” and that “[he is] looking forward to seeing [all of them] improve as the season progresses, and to win as many meets as possible.”

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