“Halloween” Keeps Viewers on the Edge of their Seats

Movie title logo from Wikimedia.

The highly anticipated movie Halloween, starring Jamie Lee Curtis in the reprising role of Laurie Strode, released in theaters on October 19, 2018.

This movie is the sequel to the original Halloween released in 1978 and takes place 40 years after the original and takes every other movie in the series out of the continuity. Even though it is a sequel, it can be viewed as a stand-alone film, providing most of the background so that it is accommodating to newcomers.

The movie’s main plot begins on Halloween and the director, David Gordon Green, did a terrific job incorporating the traditional elements of the day, including costumes and parties.

The character of Michael Myers is played by both James Jude Courtney and Nick Castle, the original actor who played Michael Myers in 1978. This serves as a nod to the fans of the original installation. While Michael Myers is present and, of course, murderous throughout the film; the star of the film, though, is Jamie Lee Curtis.

Curtis puts on a sensational performance as Laurie Strode, however at times it can overshadow Michael Myers himself. This, in my opinion, is not necessarily a terrible aspect of the movie, especially since I believe that there should be more female led movies like Halloween. Jamie Lee Curtis proves that you can be a tough, strong and intelligent female lead, without the help of another strong male character.

Another great aspect of this movie is it’s cinematography. It has amazing still shots of one scene with multiple people moving in it, which leads to plenty of great moments and intense scenes. The sets had intricate detail, making the movie feel and look like an authentic Halloween movie.

Even though this movie has a lot of great components, it is not for everybody. This movie doesn’t have many true jump scenes with Michael Myers, so if you are looking to be constantly scared this movie will not be what you expect.

However where this movie shines is the buildup to Michael’s kills. This movie is excellent at building suspense and this makes the movie much more of a thriller than a slasher film.

This makes this movie extremely unique and intelligent because most films will try to scare the audience with typical jump scares, and over time it makes the movie predictable and uninteresting. With Halloween, it doesn’t completely take away the fear, but through the combined use of camerawork and suspense, it keeps the audience on their toes the entire film.

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