To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate: The Kat Von D Controversy

Besides the monsters under our bed, needles was considered a public enemy number one when we were all young. We absolutely dreaded doctor visits because, after playing or reading in the waiting room, you were walking through the doors of hell.

There are a lot of parents that are very much against vaccines as much as children are. Recently, one celebrity parent has spoken out against vaccines for their child once they are born. That parent is Katherine Von Drachenberg, otherwise known as Kat Von D, a renowned tattoo artist, author, entrepreneur, and television personality hosting her TLC reality show LA Ink.

In early 2018, she married founder of the Chicano electric rock band Prayers, Rafael Reyes. There had been immense speculation following their marriage that Von D was pregnant, and, after it was confirmed, the news was met with a frenzy of excited fans. That was until June 7th 2018 when she posted a photo captioning her plan to raise a vegan child. Those plans included having a drug free home birth with a doula and a midwife and not vaccinating her child. That caption sparked debate and a boycott against her makeup products.

Now, as someone who is deathly afraid of needles but has to suck it up whenever I have to go to the doctor, I disagree with Von D’s view on having a vaccine-free household.

Vaccines are created to make us immune and prevent us from falling victim to diseases. We have seen the effect of Zika, Ebola and Polio. Worst of all, there are bacteria and viruses that are beginning to emerge from the permafrost that is melting that we are not even prepared for. Scientists are working twice as fast and twice as hard to whip up vaccines and cures so we can avoid another Black Plague. Is that what Kat Von D wants? Does she want another medical catastrophe?

Kat Von D is a tattoo artist. She works with needles, and in her line of work the use of needles can be very dangerous or have a dangerous effect. It is extremely contradicting to the fact that she does not want to use needles on her own child for their safety.

Jenny McCarthy is also another notable celebrity parent that is also anti-vaccine. Her son was diagnosed with autism after supposedly receiving a vaccine. If anything, she has advocated for vaccines made from natural ingredients. I also think she is wrong. Sure. Sometimes vaccines and medicines have side effects we do not want.

It is unfortunate things took a wrong turn for McCarthy’s son, but the point is, you have to keep your child safe. Safety is the number one thing for your child. I mean, come on. According to the CDC website, all 50 states have laws in place requiring children having to take vaccines entering public schools, exempting medical, religious and philosophical reasons. This is to lower the risk of diseases spreading like a wildfire. Veganism is actually a philosophical concept, but she lives in California which only exempts vaccines for medical reasons.

I respect Kat Von D and her work. She has definitely made a name for herself in a profession that is dominated by men and I admire her style of not caring about anyone says, but there are some things you have to disagree with. Winter is right around the corner, and so is flu season. Unfortunately, vaccines are not going to save everyone, but at least you know you will have a lower risk of being infected and turning for the worst.

Visit your local clinic or hospital today and receive your flu shot!

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