MHS Cheerleaders Make it Far and Set New Goals

As the cheering season comes to an end, the MHS Girls’ Cheering team are ecstatic having advanced to states. The team placed first in division one out of the whole league as well making regionals in which they placed second in the whole league. On November 18th, the girls will go to nationals hoping to do well.

Senior Captain Jordan Jean-Pierre explains that this season overall has been full of hard work but the team has overcome many goals n which she says took “determination.” She continues to say that without every single member on the team, their goals would not “have come true.”

Similarly, junior Shante Simon concludes that this season has been the best season that the team has ever had as she say that her and her teammates “click better together.”

Junior Amy Ngu adds on by explaining how she has had a good feeling from the start mainly due to the teammates having a closer bond as a whole and the fact that they were closer which she says, “helped [them] through a lot.”

Junior Ashley Stelmach believes that this has in fact been their best season they have had at MHS which resulted in them making it to states as well as growing a bigger bond with everyone amongst the team.

As for competition, Simon continues to explain that she was very “happy” with the outcome.  Similarly, Ngu explains how in the the beginning of the season, they were all asked about a goal and now that the season is coming to an end, she believes completion wise, her and her teammates were able to reach the goal they all wanted from the start. She continues to explain how the team has made history as it has been more than 20 years since the MHS cheering team made it this far.

Stelmach describes how she felt excited because they beat teams that they envied last year. Simon also mentions how she was in shock at first because they had been going against teams who beat them by thirty points in the previous season. She states, “for us to come back and beat those teams was so exciting.”

Ngu describes how she was filled with joy from the achievements that her and her teammates were able to accomplish. She also describes how excitement “rushed” through her body.

The Malden High Cheer team made it to the national competition this year, ending the season strong. Photo submitted by Shante Simon.

Similarly, Stelmach believes that this season, the team is more “put together” and have a “better bond” which made the season “flow easier.”

Ngu describes how this season, there was a new “vibe” as well. She continues to explain that despite this season having the same members, new bonds and relationships were made.

Simon believes that skill wise, the team has tremendously improved in which they had reached their goal which was to make it to states. In agreement, Ngu also adds that the goal was going to states for competition in which she says, “hardship work payed off and [they] got what [they] wanted.”

Jean-Pierre adds that overall the team performed their best throughout the season explaining despite what came their way whether it was an injury or issue, when they hit the mat, they would not let that distract them from reaching the goals they set.

As for improvements, Jean-Pierre improved her attitude while becoming a positive member on the team as she describes how she always remained positive prior to becoming captain but her increased role on the team encouraged her to raise her attitude.

Ngu continues to explain overall she does not regret anything and believes they did the best they could as she says “[she] feels good about it.”

The girl’s MHS cheering team looks forward to further improving their skills in the upcoming season.

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