New Biology Teacher: Michael Berman

New Biology teacher at Malden High School, Michael Berman. Photo by Falyn Kelley.

With the start of a new year, Malden High welcomes a new Biology teacher, Mr. Michael Berman. He previously taught as a student teacher, and now teaches here at Malden High. As a student teacher, he was well liked by both students and teachers.

Mr. Berman, while growing up, wanted to be a Marine Biologist, not a Biology Teacher. He went to UMASS Boston and got his Master’s Degree there. Later, he went to a small town called Kirksville, Missouri, and attended the school Truman State University. He is certified to teach German and Biology. Right now, he is working on his Chemistry Diploma, and he expresses interest to teach in ESL, however his diploma is still pending.

After graduating, he realized that “he just really liked teaching” and he became a student-teacher. Now, he is teaching Biology here at Malden High School. He says that “Malden High is very large” but, he “went to a school larger than here” so it’s not really outside of his comfort zone. However, he says that he stays in his room and “doesn’t know where everything is.” He says that he loves “both the students and the teachers” and that “everyone is really great.”When he teaches he “prefers that students do an activity, even if it’s just making a poster or something, opposed to having to sit through a lecture.” When asked to describe himself, he says that he is  calm, fair, and he “enjoys being with students.”

Mr. Mastrangelo said that he is “smart, chill, and nice” and that he received many recommendations saying to hire Berman. Mr. Mastrangelo received thirty applicants for the open job, and he only scheduled interviews with five, and he knew that hiring Berman was the right move.

Ms. Escovitz, his house principal, says that he has a “good teaching style” and that he “knows what freshman need to succeed. She also said that he had a “great start” and that he is “very clear with students, offering a lot of support to them.”

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