Camille Nommi Nzepa

Camille Nommi currently a senior at Malden High School. Nommi was born in Yaounde, Cameroon and then came to Massachusetts once she was 11. It was hard for Nommi to adapt to the American system and the changes in her life at first but she was quick to rely on her writing pieces to express how she felt. In addition to that, Nommi was part of the volleyball and basketball team all throughout high school, and threw the shot put during outdoor track and field for Malden high school. Along with being an athlete, Nommi is always eager to take part in activism in her city. She enjoys discussing issues on social justice and much more. Although Nommi has not lived in the malden area her whole life, she feels a strong connection to our community which is why she decided to take part in the malden student ambassador program at the High school. In the next 5 years, Nommi expects to study neuroscience and psychology. As of now, she is glad to have just joined the Blue and Gold community and hopes to make the best of her first year place as a member.

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