Class of 2021 Elects New Officers

It is that time of year again, the time when during which students at Malden High vote for their new class officers. The class of 2021 began the election process early this year and have added some new positions.

Cassandra Poole is the current class of 2021 advisor. Poole decided to become an advisor after being asked by one of her students in her freshman class last year. She discussed the position with other advisors and decided that “it was something [she] would enjoy doing.” She says that commitment is a main thing she looks for in students who want to run for office. Poole states that “[being an officer] is a really big job, no matter what position [you're] running for, and it takes up a lot of time and energy. Students have to be willing to put their everything into it.”

There are many current officers who have been re-elected. President, secretary, and treasurer were all positions that had other students running against the previous officers. The election was very competitive this year due to minor complications.

President Harriet Shane Gerochi was re-elected and  “can positively say, that [she] will continue running until [we] have our last election.” Her goal is “to hold more successful events that hopefully bring people in to either volunteer or do the event.” She states that “There's that feeling of satisfaction when [she] sees [the] fundraiser being successful and knowing that [you are] helping raise money.” With the duty of such an important task, she has learned to analyze how to handle different situations such as “the stress of last minute calls, [and] the doubts of having a successful event, especially when plans sometimes doesn't go accordingly.” The process for election was also a struggle, especially “when [you] face problems of people ripping down posters and such.”

Treasurer David Lombardi won this years election, recurring his position in the class council. He says that being an officer was “a great experience, keeping [him] better connected to the class and being able to help make high school better.” He states that the officers are “a great team dynamic because [they] all work so hard and so well together, making sure [they] accomplish [their] goals.” Gerochi adds on saying “Being a class officer this year is a lot of fun” and “getting to know the officers and our advisor is great because we all from this bond of friendships as we all have the same goal of getting as much money as possible.”

Daniel Gilligan ran unopposed for social media coordinator this year, guaranteeing his re-election as an officer. He states that “[he] always wanted to raise money for the class and have the best events possible to make [themselves] a successful class.”

Many new positions were created to help junior year be a success. This allowed more students to participate in the council and have a duty to the class. JV’s is one of the biggest fundraisers for prom. With three pairs of candidates running, the JV coordinator winners were Asmaa Asousy and Julie Lansen.

Jennica Ruan

Jennica Ruan is a sophomore at Malden High and on her second year reporting for The Blue and Gold. She recalls having a “really good experience” in the class last year, which compelled her to stay for a second year. Her goals in the class as a sophomore is to adapt to more of a leadership role to prepare her for next year. Aside from The Blue and Gold, she joined Cross Country this year and hopes to continue playing on the Girls Lacrosse team in the spring. Her overall goal for sophomore year is to continue achieving good grades and to try new things. On Ruan’s favorite subject, she says that she has a fondness for math, and her hobbies outside of school involve baking and watching a variety of shows on Netflix such as The Vampire Diaries and any show on The CW. Although she is uncertain of her goals for the future, she is considering pursuing a career in business.

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