Junior Christine Nguyen running the ball down the court.

Basketball is a hard sport for many, even those who play. Just like any other sport, one has to be physically and mentally prepared for practices and most importantly, games. On Thursday January 31, Girls varsity basketball took a loss to Gloucester with an ending score of 37-50.

The starters were #2 Meley Ephrem, #21 Nevaeh Cherilus, #12 Audree Carleton, #23 Salma “The Bun” Bezzat, #5 Yasmine Alayan.

In the first quarter the girls struggled quite a bit with both defense and offense. They were having a hard time being able to keep up with the opposing team. Freshman Nevaeh Cherilus(#21) made one out of two foul shots, leaving the score at 1-6 in the first quarter. Although they had a rough start the girls put up a good fight for the rest of the game.

In beginning of the second quarter, Cherilus makes two foul shots this time, adding to the score, leaving it at 3-9.

The score was still low, but the girls kept persevering. Chasing their opponents up and down the court, while putting up great defense.

Half way through the second quarter, Meley Ephrem drove all the way up to the basket without hesitation and scored a layup, with a score of 5-9. Ephrem continues to play a strong position as shooting guard for the remainder of the quarter and well as the rest of the game.

With four minutes left of the second quarter, Cherilus makes yet again, another foul shot keeping a score of 6-11.

Still struggling to raise their score and lead the game, the girls give it their best shot. Within the last three minutes of the second quarter Cherilus makes another foul shot, Salma “The Bun” Bezzat (#23) makes two foul shots, and forward Audree Carleton (#12)  makes another two. Lastly, our freshman sensation who never fails us, Cherilus pulls through making two more foul shots, keeping the score tied at 15-15.

At this point the girls were down to a tense one minute left in the second quarter. Gloucester realizes they have some competition and decides to put up their best fight as well. Making numerous layups and foul shots, they lead the score at 15-18. That is until our shooting guard Ephrem makes an astounding three-pointer, tying the score at 18-18.

With hope that they would end the quarter tied, unfortunately the Gloucester girls scored a layup and end the quarter with a leading score of 18-19.

Malden played strong, and put up a vigorous fight against Gloucester, although they did struggle quite a bit in the first quarter, they managed to pull through for the second quarter.

The third quarter starts off with the same score of 18-19, and the girls start off very robust. Ephrem makes a three towards the middle of the quarter leading the score at 21-19.

The girls manage to keep the score the same for a majority of the quarter with Cherilus attempting to make some shots, and the rest of the girls adding great support to the court and putting up some great defense. And at five minutes left of the quarter Gloucester make a three pointer tying the score at 21-21, shortly after Malden takes a time out to re-evaluate their plan and brainstorm plays for the rest of the game.

After a little bit of analyzing, the girls come back somewhat strong. Within the very last minute of the quarter, Ephrem makes two free throws meanwhile Sabrina Louis (#1)  makes a three pointer, and with 30 seconds left Cherilus makes a freethrow. Throughout this time period, Gloucester scores rapidly, leading on the scoreboard. The quarter ends with a score of Malden 27 and gloucester 33 (27-33).

The fourth quarter flies by fast, the girls are now struggling to keep up. Gloucester keeps scoring, meanwhile Malden puts up a great attempt at keeping a strong defense on their opponents.

At this time there is seven minutes left of the very last quarter, the score is 29-35. Gloucester makes 2 free throws keeping a lead on the score at 29-37.

Ephrem manages to make a layup, helping add to the score, leaving it at 34-37.Gloucester continues to score, meanwhile  Bezzat makes a layup, the score is now at 36-41.

With 1:58 left in the fourth quarter, the score is at 36-43, when Cherilus makes her last shot of the game.

This was a tough loss for the girls, with a final score of 37-50. You win some , and you lose some. The girls be having a bit of a tough season so far, but us Golden Tornados do not back down. We can only hope for the best for the remainder of the season, but the tremendous effort they put forth in their games has been greatly displayed, through their win and their losses.

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