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Dear Nedlam, Do you have any tips to help people balance extra curricular activities and homework at the same time, so that they can keep their sleeping schedule on track by not having to stay up until midnight?

Dear Anonymous, This is a constant problem for most students and I think that the key to succeeding as a student (getting a good night’s sleep while still managing to do your homework and participate in your extracurricular activities) is not to procrastinate. This is a challenge in itself. If you manage your time wisely, you will have a better chance of getting your work done. Sometimes that means turning off your phone completely. Electronics are distracting and the main reason that people finish work so late.

Or, if the whole turning your phone off scenario frightens you, it may be a good idea to get a planner. If you plan out your night and in what order you want to accomplish all of your goals, it will be tremendously easier to stay motivated to finish your work and avoid procrastination. Having what you want to do written down and planned out will increase the likelihood of actually doing it. Half the battle to completing work on time is revving up the motivation to start it. A planner may help with this as well, given as you have written down specific tasks to complete and a tangible list may be the key to helping you become motivated.

Going to bed at eight or nine instead of midnight and waking up maybe an hour earlier can be beneficial; more hours of rest will help you produce better work.

It is also important not to sweat the small stuff. Your education is extremely important but your entire life does not, and should not revolve around school. Life outside of school is important as well and living a balanced life is the key to a low-stress, happier life! Let me know if my advice

worked. We’ll keep in touch!

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