Donation Drive Held By Feminism Club

Feminism Club is hosting a donation drive. The drive is for Respond Inc., an organization that strives to end domestic violence by providing services to individuals and families. Respond is located in Somerville, Massachusetts and started by four women who opened their homes to others for protection. It began in the early 1970’s as New England's first domestic violence agency.

Kerry Veritas, the advisor of Feminism Club, decided on having a drive after some of the members recalled having a successful drive a few years ago.

Donations that were recommended from the announcements include: toiletries, feminine hygiene products, baby care items, etc. Veritas says that not many people have donated material items but, have managed to bring in money donations. The money will be transferred into gift cards and donated along with the other items collected from the drive.

The drive will end soon and the donations will be dropped off to the organization by Veritas.

Veritas stated “[the club] wants to spread awareness that [the drive] is important.” She wanted the club to be more active this year, rather than just discussing issues.

Jennica Ruan

Jennica Ruan is a junior at Malden High School, and a returning member of the Blue and Gold staff, with this being her third year involved. As a returning member, she has written articles for both local and sports, but prefers local stories. Ruan enjoys that Journalism is different from English class. Outside of school, Ruan enjoys playing lacrosse, as well as painting and hanging out with her family. She is also involved with the Red Cross Club, as well as other, not-so-active clubs. Ruan is very excited to get back into the environment of Blue and Gold and is looking forward to writing.

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