The Track Team Defeats Lynn Classical

On April 30th the 2018-2019 Malden High School Varsity Track and Field team dominated Lynn Classical with a 95-41 score for boys, and a 82-54 score for girls. This meet was one of the two meets that the girls team needed to win in order to acquire an undefeated season. The boys team record currently stands at (4-1) after a loss to Somerville while the girls record stands at (5-0).

Sophomore Harriet Shane Gerochi states, “The good aspects of the meet were mostly on the girl's side because as expected the boys were going to win the meet. However, Lynn Classical girls have some good times and key runners in their team.” Gerochi competed in the one mile event but didn’t do as well as she hoped, “However, this was made up with a big PR (personal record) for [herself] that following weekend in the NEC Freshman and Sophomore meet. That conference meet was [her] best on this whole season.”

Different runners were put into different events that they don’t usually do but miraculously had first place finishes and point gainers, junior Isabella Machado was one of those runners. The girls 400-meter hurdles was one of the most memorable events of the day, with them sweeping the podium, along with the boys team which swept the podium in the javelin event and the 400-meter hurdles.

Sophomore Kevin Casetta was part of the javelin event sweep, placing third in the event. Casetta stresses the importance of teamwork by saying, “It wasn’t [his] best day but what overall mattered was the team’s victory.”  

Gerochi mentions that although the team is on a hot streak of wins, they need to “sharpen [their] focus.” If the boys team wants to be co-league NEC champs with Somerville and Revere. While the girls team is driven to have an undefeated season and claim the conference title. Gerochi states, “It's important to always stay focused on the goal which is winning the dual meets and improving individually.”

Gerochi finally states, “More with the team, everyone has their personal records which they continue to improve in. With the end of the season, we, as a team is determined to end our season on a high note with the boy's record of 6-1 and the girls with a hopefully, undefeated season.”

Gabriel Matnog

Gabriel Matnog, or Gabe as he prefers to be called, is a returning member to the Blue and Gold. This year, Matnog is determined to learn more about journalism. Currently, he hopes to focus on writing for the sports section since he enjoyed writing about numerous sports last year. Some of his friends have gone to South Korea for the World Junior Championships and is rooting for their success. Aside from precision shooting, Matnog enjoys a plethora of other sports including golf, snowboarding, and lacrosse. On weekends, if it is possible, he will do some homework and hit the golf field. His favorite extracurriculars include speech and debate as well the Boy Scouts (even though he completed it and currently is considered an “Eagle Scout”). Eventually, he aspires to be a chemical engineer and go to MIT, since he is good at math and science and comes from a long line of scientists.

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