Lana Giha Hosts Speaking Workshop

On May 2nd and 8th, junior Lana Giha organized a speaking workshop as apart of her NHS project. The workshop was meant to be split into two sessions to help give advice and assistance to those wishing to better their public speaking skills.

The event took place in the library at Malden High and was approximately 30 minutes long each and was planned “weeks in advance,” states Giha. The main takeaway that made this event a success was how to “differentiate from good and bad presentations” as well as knowing what to do during presentations.

Giha shares that public speaking is indicated by surveys and studies to be “the number one fear among American adults.” An important factor that plays a large role in causing fear with public speaking comes from talking “in front of people you are not familiar with.”

From the events, Giha believes that she “was able to at least help and guide them to be more confident.” The presentation had given helpful ways to being more comfortable during presentations and how to not only appear, but be more confident. These tips included simple steps “such as using hand gestures.”

As a participant of programs such as Youth and Government as well as the Malden Youth Civics Council, Giha often has to present in front of large audiences including many people she is unfamiliar with. Giha states that she still gets nervous but has “gotten better with time and practice and [she] encourage[s] others to do the same.”

Giha believes that it is important to “never stay in your comfort zone.” and that public speaking plays a large role in that. “[She is] always challenging [herself] because it helps [her] get better and grow as a person.” Giha states.

Falyn Kelley

Falyn Kelley is a junior at Malden High School. Kelley has dreamed of being an anesthetic nurse since she was a child because she finds everything in the medical field to be fascinating. Her goal is also to swim with dolphins, as she loves the outdoors and animals. Kelley has a pet dog of the breed Bichon Frise, and his name is Cato. When she’s older, she wants to live in a peaceful, less populated environment because she admires the scenery. On her free time, Kelley enjoys reading nonfiction books and playing the ukulele.

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