This season is sophomore Amanda Do Val’s first year playing for Malden High’s Varsity Softball team. Although she already has established herself as a great player through playing for the freshman team last season. So far this season, she has already cemented herself as a valuable asset to the team that is consistent in her performances and only looks to be improving as she continues to play.

Do Val first started playing softball when she was 14 years old and her first exposure to the sport was from fellow sophomore Varsity teammate, Sarah Whitehouse. Do Val described that she was unfamiliar to the sport so “[Whitehouse] took [her] to batting cages and helped teach [her] how to play.” Whitehouse is one of Do Val’s main influences in taking interest in the sport and wanting to play for the highschool team.

Whitehouse acknowledged that even though Amanda played on the freshman team, she has managed to improve aspects of her game that has made her a valuable player for the Varsity team. Whitehouse describes that “she has a very good arm, which makes her a versatile player because she can play well in both infield and outfield.” Do Val plays in a magnitude of different places such as second base and right field. These positions contribute greatly to her attributes of being able to throw large distances and being able to catch well, and she still has plenty of room to improve such as knowing which bases to throw to when the timing is correct.

Whitehouse personally believes that one of Do Val’s best positions is infield because of the “amazing catches” and “valuable plays” that she has contributed so far this season. Another aspect of Do Val’s game that she has been steadily improving on is her batting in game. Whitehouse explained that “everytime Amanda has batted in game, she does really well. She is improving with every game and opportunity she gets.” Do Val has proved herself to be versatile and can play well in a ton of positions that allow her to be helpful to the team in many different circumstances.

On and off the field, Whitehouse describes Do Val as “a fun person.” Whitehouse continues to explain that “Amanda always makes remarks and comments that make the whole team laugh, even if she doesn’t intend to. She is just the type of person that no matter what she says your going to smile from it and it is going to make you laugh.” Do Val herself believes that she has “a nice personality”, but at the same time acknowledges that she “still gets mad sometimes.”

Despite this season being Do Val’s first time playing for the Varsity team, she has fit in well. Whitehouse explained that “the whole Varsity team believes that she is a fun person who has a positive impact on everybody that plays.” This season, she “has a better grip and understanding of the sport and the advantages that she can bring to the team as she plays.”

The future looks bright for Do Val, who plans to continue playing softball this season. Do Val has a simple goal that she wants to accomplish for the rest of the softball season. “[Her] main goal this season is to do good and not to mess up.”

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