Teacher Profile: Tara Sarmento

Tara Sarmento. Photo submitted by Sarmento.

As the 2018 school year began, Malden High School welcomed a new Special Education teacher, Tara Sarmento.

Sarmento has a Special Ed and English certification. She first started teaching preschool and then moved up to high school because she feels “[high school students] are more mature and [she] can find more ways to help them.”

Last year, Sarmento worked in Severe Special Ed and Modern Special Ed classes, developing a closer relationship with the students. She adds that “[she] wants all her students to trust [her] to the point where [they] can tell [her] anything.” "In the end, she decided that this was the path she wanted to pursue.

Since Sarmento comes from a diverse city, MHS was a great option for her. In Malden, she feels there is a diverse yet cohesive sense of culture and community. She says that working at Malden High has been “amazing. Each students is very different and very awarding.”

She went to Westfield State University and majored in English. Throughout her high school and college experience, she was on the cheerleading team and even coached cheer at Central Catholic High and North Andover High for six years.

Ever since Sarmento was a kid, she wanted to be a teacher. She would “play school at [her] grandmother's house and give homework to her brother and cousin.” Not only that, but both of her parents are also teachers.

Elizabeth Smith describes her personality as a “motivated, energetic, enthusiastic and driven [person who] has a compassionate soul for all students.” For Smith, hiring Sarmento was an easy choice. She admits that "she had a very detailed interview. The committee loved her from the start and [knew they] found the one.”

Smith also believes that Sarmento is "very thoughtful" and is a great listener when it comes to interacting with her students. Smith states that Sarmento brings “contagious positivity and thoughtfulness [to her classroom]." According to Smith, Sarmento also loves to “reach diverse learners and all learning styles in the classroom.”

All in all, Sarmento hopes to provide something new for Malden High and its students.

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