New Staff Profile: Allison Fornash

Allison Fornash is a new guidance counselor here at Malden High, finally returning to Malden eight years after her internship with Mrs.Craven in the 2011-2012 school year.

From a young age, Fornash knew that she wanted to do something where she could help people, stating “in high school, [she] took a lot of classes in psychology and realized that [she] wanted to work in counseling.” Fornasch grew up in Boston, going to Pine Manor College for her Bachelor's degree in psychology with a concentration in counseling adolescents and got her Master’s degree in education with a concentration in single counseling from Suffolk University.

Allison Fornash posing. Photo by Brendan Bell.

Fornash worked in higher education for seven years as an admissions counselor and worked closely with guidance counselors, resulting with her wanting to pursue guidance counseling instead. Fornash interned at Malden High for the 2011-2012 school year with Mrs.Craven, stating “[She] spent the next four years at Northeastern Vocational and four more after that at Chelsea High.” 

Fornash was drawn to Malden High because “it is where [her] career started.” Fornash also mentioned how the diversity was a big factor, as well as her “love for working with students in an urban environment. [She] liked the way the staff worked together and how Malden has such a great sense of community.”

Fornash’s guidance position is new to Malden High, and as a result explained how “[she is] excited because [she] gets to be creative with [her] position.” 

With her new position, Fornash has set her goals for the year, stating that she “wants to get to know [her] students and learn how to get around the building without getting lost.” Fornash is extremely excited to start working here at Malden High again and plans to have a great year.


Brendan Bell

Brendan Bell is a junior who is returning for his second year in the Blue and Gold. Bell decided to join the class because he enjoys writing, politics, and voicing his opinion. He also enjoys local news stories specifically focused on Malden Overcoming Addiction, due to his close relation to it. Bell also likes playing a variety of sports such as golf and lacrosse. On his free time, he plays video games or goes to Mount Hood to practice golf. Bell also plans on returning to the Blue and Gold again his senior year.

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