The Student Opportunity Act

Senator Jason Lewis.
Photo from his website

On September 19th, Massachusetts lawmakers introduced the Student Opportunity Act, a legislature that would add 1.5 billion dollars to the public school system. It most benefits schools with a high percentage of poor students and also gives English Language Learner departments more funding additionally requiring districts to create plans that would close opportunity gaps in public school systems. On the subject of the act, Jason Lewis said "[He] looks forward to continuing to work with [his] colleagues and all education stakeholders as this bill advances in the legislative process." (from

Carlos Aragon Aldana

Carlos Aragon is a returning sophomore to the Blue and Gold. Aragon originally joined the Blue and Gold to pursue in writing movie reviews. Once Aragon had begun the class, he soon realized that he also enjoyed the interviewing portion of the class, as well as talking to people in general. His proudest work is the Blue and Gold Art Gallery and the “Political Caricatures” article. Aragon is confident that he will continue to be in the class for the rest of his high school career. Outside of school, he enjoys music and has played the piano for a total of five years and has been learning to play the bass guitar for the last six months. He also loves to watch movies and his top three favorites are Hot Fuzz, Interstellar, and Ratatouille.

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