The Writers Den

The Writers Den is a place where students are welcomed to come and relax to let all the thoughts that have been in their head and just let it all out. 

Entering the room is more like a welcoming place and a comfortable space. The Writers Den has been around for four years. Yahaira Marquez really enjoys the Writers Den especially for students who come and write their feelings out. She “[thinks] the cozy atmosphere helps them focus” on their writing.

The Writers Den is not only just a place where students can just write and think of writing as school work. Marquez thinks students need “to feel motivated to write, not just [academically].” When students have a space to write they can just brainstorm all different types of ideas.

Marquez feels that “every writer has a place they go to break into that space, [they have] a nook where they feel inspired without any outside distractions.” The Writers Den is a place to be unique and where students can get in a zone where they can be free and have fun with it. 

Andrew Hurley is the Writers Den coordinator and he helps students on their writing. He thinks working in the Writers Den should be relaxing and calming. He says “[he had] had a hard time writing in highschool.” Hurley wants to help students become better writers.

The president of the Writers Den, Caine Murcia, joined during her sophomore year and has participated in the club for two years. She enjoys the Writers Den because “[she feels] that it is just so calming . . . to come to [when she is] stressed during the day.” Murcia loves to just break down all the stress around her and the many friends she has made in the Writers Den feel the same way just relaxing and calming.

The Writers Den is helpful for students when they are struggling and are ready to be supported Murcia says “the teachers who run the Writers Den are always so nice and sweet to the students.” 

Writing is not easy and to write you don’t have to be a writer, like Murcia said: “Writer’s are not born, [they are] made.”

Krishany Marius

Krishany Marius is an outgoing fourteen year-old who is not afraid to speak her mind. She was born on June 30th, 2005 which makes her a Cancer. She is into zodiac signs and looks deeply into them. She loves dancing, reading and watching television—such as How to Get Away with Murder. Marius is Haitian and Ugandan. She is the youngest of two. She has an older brother and a half sister. She loves writing and creating stories of her own. Marius uses writing as an outlet and is ready to do so in journalism. Her goal in life is to go to college and become an independent woman.

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