Charging Stations Installed on Exchange Street

A ChargePoint station has been installed along Exchange Street in Malden. ChargePoint is the world's largest electric vehicle charging network. They have over 100,000 places to charge globally. Recently, the city of Malden has seen an increase in electric vehicles usage by its residents. Suburban Electric, an electric contracting company, was responsible for the installation of the charging station.

Dereck Kehrein, an Electrician from Suburban Electric, was involved in the installation and startup of the charging station. He mentions the installation of the charging station “takes a day to get the station built, set-up, and powered.” 

Charging station along Exchange Street. Photo by Vanessa Saintvil.

He also mentioned how easy it is to charge an electric vehicle. The charging station can be used via app or card by ChargePoint. Kehrein stated that all you have to do is “tap in” to unlock the station, then you are “provided access” to plug in your vehicle. The app allows user to know if the station is vacant or occupied beforehand. Kehrein also mentioned it is “free of charge” to the residents of Malden. Chris Burchard, the developer of the property, estimates that with this model it takes a “typical car to charge one to two hours.”

Chris Burchard was responsible for acquiring “an approval through the city” for the car charger itself. He has been working closely with the city of Malden. He mentioned that Suburban Electric had “development with the city,” and Malden took interest in obtaining a charging station.

As city hall is being redeveloped, the charging station is simply an added bonus to Exchange Street. Exchange Street is the perfect location for the charging station because there is “public parking” and also that side of Exchange Street is where Suburban Electric “parks their zipcars.” In neighboring cities such as Somerville, they have a lot of charging stations, and this idea of being “green friendly migrates” across cities, as more developments are being built.

Vanessa Saintvil

Vanessa Saintvil is a senior at Malden High School and this is her first year in the Blue and Gold. She was inspired to join the Journalism class since English is her favorite subject and since she really enjoys writing. For the start of the year, she is looking forward to interviewing people and capturing photos of local events for the class. Sainvil also likes to stay updated on current events and thinks it’s very important. Outside of the Blue and Gold, she enjoys reading and watching Netflix, especially her favorite show The Office. Saintvil is excited for this upcoming school year as she is going to be traveling to Europe with the Tornado Travelers Club. After High School, her plans include going to college and studying Public Relations.

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