The Class of 2020 Look Forward to Their Senior Year

The long expected senior year has arrived for the class of 2020 and Malden High School is really excited to share good moments and fun activities with all students and staff. 

Caitlin Quinn is the class advisor of the class of 2020 and she has been working with the class for three years now. According to Quinn, this year is different because “[she] can see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is the year of all fun stuff.” The class of 2020 has held various fund-raisers and is looking forward to keep coming up with ideas to help the class on future activities. Until now the students in the class held car washes, sold Krispy Kreme Donuts and are currently selling Malden blankets and pep-rally T-shirts. 

As the advisor of the class, Quinn’s main goal for the senior class is for all seniors to be able to participate in everything that [they] offer, such as fun activities after school, prom, senior barbecue and graduation.

In order to get students’ opinions in all topics covering the class, a Malden High School team sends out surveys to all the seniors’ emails. Students also have access to a google classroom page called “Class of 2020 Announcements” where students can find information about what is happening and give some feedback.

Additionally, in mid-November, Malden High School is going to be holding a prom committee that meets once a month to decide the theme and colors, decorations and song choice. It is open to all seniors, and will be in the announcements. Emails will be sent out and Quinn will be after school once a month for students who want to voice their opinions.

Senior year can be a really overwhelming year due to college and after graduation planning. By talking to teachers and knowing the upcoming events, it is a way to be prepared and have fun during senior year.

Julia Custodio

Julia Jazar was born and raised in Brazil and moved to Malden when she was 15. She moved with her mom, dad and 19 year old sister who lives in Florida. Jazar attends Malden High School as a senior. She takes French II so she speaks a little bit of French as well as Spanish and is fluent in Portuguese and in English. Jazar likes to talk about immigration and would consider being an immigration lawyer although she wants to do something with journalism. She works as a babysitter of two little kids after school. Her favorite shows are F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Black Mirror and New Girl. Her dream is to travel to Australia and tour places all around the globe.

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