Veterans’ Day Parade

Malden’s Veteran’s Day Parade stepped off at the corner of Elm Street and Pleasant Street on Monday, November 11th. This was the second year in which the parade used a new route, where instead of ending at the corner of Malden High School and the Teen Center, the parade lead everyone to the World War II Memorial in Devir Park. Participants of the parade included the Malden High School band, the Boys and Girl Scouts of Malden, and the Malden Middle School Band. At Devir Park, senior Demitri Borrero kicked off the ceremony by singing the national anthem Star-Spangled Banner. Later, speeches were given by key speakers like re-elected Mayor Gary Christenson and State Senator Jason Lewis, a Malden native. As the ceremony was concluded with the Malden High School Band’s rendition of Washington Post, the crowd was wished a happy Veteran’s Day and to keep in mind those who have sacrificed everything for the safety of the country. 

Sandra Rivadeneira

Sandra Rivadeneira is a junior at Malden High School and a current reporter for the Blue and Gold. She has always been interested in Journalism and how valuable the class is in expanding her knowledge on writing. Rivadeneira feel[s] that she is “giving back to the community in a way,” especially when someone like the mayor acknowledges her work. Outside of the class, she plays softball for the school and is the DECON Chair for Key Club. She also enjoys watching sitcoms and cooking shows. After high school, Rivadeneira hopes to pursue a career in international relations and affairs, and feel[s] that journalism class helps to prepare her for it. This year she is most excited to be writing and contributing to the class more.

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